Scientists are taking a variety of approaches to these problems. The complexity of the issue means a comprehensive cure will likely involve a mixture of these treatments.

stem cell research could possibly impact spinal cord injury. specialists have discovered that stem cells can become any of the 200 specialized cells in the body and aims to use special regenerative cells (stem cells) to repopulate areas of damage that result from spinal cord injuries, with the hope of improving the ability to move (“motor outcomes”) and to feel (“sensory outcomes”) beyond the site of the injury.

Unlike traditional Stem Cell Therapy which can only be applied via injection in the selective hospitals/ clinics, Our Stem Cell Supplement for spinal cord injury can bring improvements in Motor Function, Sensations, Neuropathic Pain, Bladder & Bowel, Spasticity and Sweating AbilityLive through high-tech bio-active softgel capsules which can be shipped in secure packages and delivered right to your home. The lyophilized (freeze-dried) method employed in Able softgel capsules produces stem cells which remain biologically active (a proven technique for gently conserving biological substances) without damaging the effectiveness of the valuable, big, bio-active matter. Being enteric coated, Able softgel capsules by-pass the stomach and dissolve in the small intestine whereby the stem cells and other active ingredients are fully absorbed by the body. Therefore, to receive the results and benefits of Stem Cell Supplement, all you need to do is to take 1 – 3 softgel capsules a day at the comfort of your own home.

Can Stem Cell Supplement Help Treat Patients With Spinal Cord Injury ?

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